Co-morbidities Prevention & Management, References

References Part IV - Prevention and Management of Co-morbidities in PLWH

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Falls Risk Assessment Tool falls-risk-assessment-tool

Fracture Risk Assessment Tool®

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This manuscript describes the most common approaches to treat osteopo rosis in PLWH; beyond bisphosphonates, there are a few other osteoporosis treatment options that are known to be effective in improving BMD and reducing fracture risk in this population

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Free and bioavailable testosterone calculator

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This link provides details on the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 2-item (GAD- 2) screening tool for anxiety and validation details in persons with HIV

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This manuscript outlines the rationale for the consensus definition of cerebrospinal fluid HIV RNA escape which is utilised in the EACS Guidelines

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The recommendations provided in these WHO guidelines on integrated care for older people (ICOPE) offer evidence-based guidance on the appropriate approaches to detect and manage important declines in physical and mental capacities as they are strong predictors of mortality and care dependency in older age.

Deprescribing Resource

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