Co-morbidities, Overview

Prevention and Management of Co-morbidities


Successful management of persons with HIV goes beyond provision of effective ART, with increasing focus attributed to the appropriate management of other medical conditions in order to ensure the best outcomes for persons with HIV. This section provides recommendations for the best management of recognized comorbidities which may occur more frequently in persons with HIV including mental health issues (particularly depression and anxiety disorders), cardiovascular, pulmonary, hepatic, metabolic, neoplastic, renal, bone, central nervous system disorders as well as sexual function.

Many HIV clinicians are not specialists in managing co-morbidities and, although general guidance on management of common co-morbidities is included in these Guidelines, HIV clinicians should seek expert advice where appropriate in the prevention and management of such conditions. Situations where consultation is generally recommended are indicated within this document.

Depending on future clinical research findings, and the constantly evolving changes in healthcare models posed by challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic these recommendations will be regularly updated as required, and in the EACS Guidelines App.