ARV Treatment, References

References Part II - ARV Treatment

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First study to demonstrate the effectiveness of cabotegravir in MSM and TGW

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Randomized trial including HIV-1 pregnant women at 14–28 weeks’ gestation, comparing TAF/FTC + DTF vs. TDF/FTC + DTG vs. TDF/FTC/EFV. At delivery, DTG regimens were superior to TDF/FTC/EFV in virological efficacy. TAF/FTC + DTG had the lowest frequency of composite adverse pregnancy outcomes and of neonatal deaths

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Study among MSM on PrEP or living with HIV showing the reduction of STI incidence with doxycycline PEP

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Randomized trial where DOR + 2NRTIs was non-inferior compared to DRV/r + NRTIs in HIV-1 ART-naïve participants at 96 weeks

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Large cohort of MSM using oral TDF/FTC for PrEP either daily or on demand with a very low and similar HIV incidence

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Randomized trial where TDF/3TC/DOR was non-inferior compared to TDF/ FTC/EFV in HIV-1 ART-naïve participants at 96 weeks

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Long-term follow up of long acting CAB/RPV, confirms the long-term efficacy, safety, and tolerability of CAB+RPV LA every two months to maintain viral suppression

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Randomized trial where switching to DTG based regimen is non inferior to DRV based regimen 96 weeks after first line treatment failure but is a greater risk of resistance. Tenofovir should be continued rather than being switched to zidovudine

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No clear differences in adverse birth outcomes with dolutegravir-based ART as compared with non-dolutegravir-based ART, although samples were small

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First study to demonstrate the antiviral activity of lenacapavir in patients with multiresistant HIV-1

World Health Organization-WHO. Hiv Prevention, Infant Diagnosis, Antiretroviral Initiation and Monitoring Guidelines; 2021
Last WHO guidance including updated recommendation to initiate ART as soon as possible after initiating TB treatment when there is TB-HIV co-infection, irrespective of CD4 count (except if signs/symptoms of TB meningitis are present)