Antihypertensives & ARVs

Drug-drug Interactions between Antihypertensives and ARVs


↑  Potential elevated exposure of the antihypertensive
↓  Potential decreased exposure of the antihypertensive
↔ No significant effect
D  Potential decreased exposure of ARV drug
E   Potential elevated exposure of ARV drug

ATV/c    ATV co-formulated with COBI (300/150 mg qd)
DRV/c    DRV co-formulated with COBI (800/150 mg qd)

Numbers refer to increased or decreased AUC as observed in drug-drug interaction studies

Interactions with ZDV
No clinically relevant interactions expected with ZDV and anti-hypertensives.


  1. Parent drug concentrations decreased but active metabolite increased
  2. Parent drug concentrations increased but active metabolite decreased
  3. Risk of PR interval prolongation
  4. ECG monitoring recommended
  5. Use with caution as both LPV and calcium channel blockers prolong the PR interval. Clinical monitoring is recommended

Further Information
For additional drug-drug interactions and for more detailed pharmacokinetic interaction data and dosage adjustments, please refer to (University of Liverpool)

Note: although some drug interactions are predicted to potentially require a dosage adjustment based on the drug's metabolic pathway, clinical experience with a particular antihypertensive and ARV drug may indicate that dosage adjustments are not an a priori requirement