Summary of Changes from v.10.1 to v.11.0

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing, and evidence is constantly accumulating. Therefore, we refer to the regularly updated BHIVA, DAIG, EACS, GESIDA & Polish Scientific AIDS Society Statement on risk of COVID-19 for PLWH

ART section
  • What to start with, Initial Combination Regimen for ART-naïve Adult PLWH
    • New organization of treatment categories which are now divided into recommended regimens and alternative regimens
    • DOR has been included as a recommended drug in a triple drug tenofovir-based regimen
    • EVG and ATV-based regimens, DRV/b + RAL and ABC combinations with either EFV, DRV/b or RAL have been removed
    • New guidance for PrEP failure is included
  • Switch strategies for virologically suppressed persons
    • Long-acting CAB + RPV has been included as dual therapy option
    • 3TC + ATV/b has been removed from recommended dual therapies
  • Virological failure
    • Section has been updated including new wording for treatment recommendations in the presence of resistance mutations
  • Treatment of pregnant women living with HIV or women considering pregnancy
    • Section has been re-organized
    • ART choice should be discussed with women wishing to conceive or pregnant. DTG to be discussed with women considering to become pregnant or if to be used in first 6 weeks of pregnancy
    • TAF has been included among recommended/alternative regimens as a drug option after 14 weeks of pregnancy
    • ATV, ZDV and LPV/r are removed from alternative regimens
  • ART and TB co-infection
    • ART should be started as soon as possible (within two weeks of initiating TB treatment) regardless of CD4 count, with the exception of TB meningitis
  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
    • Whole section has been updated including on demand PrEP for men, and indication to continue PrEP during pregnancy and breastfeeding if the risk of acquiring HIV persists
DDI section
Co-morbidity section
Viral Hepatitis Co-infections section
  • If pangenotypic regimens are foreseen, HCV genotype determination is not mandatory before starting treatment
  • Treatment of recently acquired HCV infection immediately after diagnosis is recommended in PLWH with ongoing risk behavior to reduce onward transmission
  • The tables on HCV treatment options and DDIs have been updated
  • The table “HCV treatment options if preferred treatments are not available” has been deleted
  • Bulevirtide added as treatment option for HDV


Opportunistic Infections and COVID-19 section
Paediatric HIV Treatment section